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Posted in Turkey by Dave on March 6, 2015

With one week left here in Turkey, the work is accelerating, and nostalgia is beginning to kick in.

Work-wise, the gallery full of refurbished exhibits is nearly done, and is starting to look like the science museum it is intended to be:

IMG_3758 (Large)

The workshop is busy, mostly with building new exhibits, which is not technically part of our contract, but we’re helping as much as we can while still getting our work done:IMG_3759 (Large) IMG_3761 (Large) IMG_3762 (Large) IMG_3764 (Large) IMG_3763 (Large) IMG_1507 (Large)

Tiny Dave helps out where he can. Here he’s supervising a milling operation.IMG_3768 (Large)

Around the museum, work on the grounds has accelerated remarkably, with the impending museum opening, and especially the news that the Turkish President will be attending.

Here’s something I’ve never seen elsewhere: the abandoned buildings that surround the site are ALL being shrouded with a sort of printed scrim. The amount of labor involved is mind-boggling, and of course someone else had to draw the cartoony buildings and get this stuff printed.IMG_3753 (Large) IMG_3755 (Large)

New cobbles are going in nearby, here’s a pile ready for the (very skilled) installersIMG_1505 (Large)

This curved cobble pattern is ubiquitous all over the parts of Turkey I’ve seen. No wonder there are so few skateboarders.IMG_1485 (Large)

Tiny Dave digs the cobblestones, too.IMG_3766 (Large)

And now for some random photos. This is the big atrium at the main entrance to the museum, just crying out for…something.

IMG_1480 (Large)

These are dried eggplant skins, hanging outside every spice shop, used for making stuffed eggplant.IMG_3749 (Large)

While I’m on the topic of food, this is lahmacun (la-ma-joon), a kind of very thin pizza, you put a little salad and lemon inside, roll it up, and…yum.IMG_1501 (Large)

Profiteroles with chocolate pudding. Not sure it’s really Turkish, but who cares?IMG_1496 (Large)

These local army guys are cleaning up a ledge over the road, presumably as part of the general sprucing-up for the President’s imminent arrival.IMG_1500 (Large)

Dog resting behind a sign advertising tavuk döner (chicken kebap sliced off a vertically rotating spit)IMG_1506 (Large)

And a local dog we call Scaredy Mom, the mother (we think) of the 4 pups who are around all the time. She wouldn’t come anywhere near me for a while, but after feeding her some meat cutoffs, now she likes me fine, and comes running  for a nice head scratch.IMG_3667 (Large)

And our local guy George, again, in a very nice bed made from dead plants.IMG_3645 (Large)

I’m guessing this will be the last post while I’m here, though I suspect once I get back to the states and organize my photos, there may be one more sort of summary.



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