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A Sunday out, a Sunday in

Posted in Turkey by Dave on February 8, 2015

Last Sunday we hopped in the van and took a drive with some of the people from the museum up to the Black Sea, to get out and about and see something different. Tiny Dave came along too.

IMG_3580 (Large)

Merve organized the outing, and took us to some really beautiful volcanic rock formations that we could clamber around on.IMG_3583 (Large)

IMG_3593 (Large) IMG_3595 (Large) IMG_3594 (Large)IMG_3591 (Large)IMG_3597 (Large)

There was an abandoned fish farm there, and the rock had also been quarried in places.

IMG_3599 (Large)IMG_3584 (Large)IMG_3598 (Large)

Here’s the gang: Merve on the left in red (Kua is hidden behind her), then Schuyler, Fahti, Billy, Alihan, and Alihan’s sister Sevde.

IMG_3603 (Large)

On the way back we toured an organic farm/education center/corporate retreat up in the hills, run by a very friendly couple who graciously showed us all around, treated us to turkish coffee and housemade liqueurs, and generally made us feel very welcome.

IMG_3617 (Large) IMG_3606 (Large) IMG_3622 (Large) IMG_3610 (Large)

They keep an extensive seed bankIMG_3621 (Large)IMG_3620 (Large)

Today (another Sunday) the museum crowd came to our house and made us a fantastic Turkish breakfast, the full spread: egg with vegetables, eggs with sucuk (sausage), pastries, tomatoes and cucumbers, and more!

IMG_3633 (Large)IMG_3639 (Large)

The pile of shoes outside the door is a sure sign there’s a party going onIMG_3629 (Large)\

Speaking of shoes, Billy has some truly excellent lion slippers.IMG_3627 (Large)

Although I’m slightly ashamed to admit it, this is the first time that the house samovar was put fully to use (though we use the top half often). In fact, we didn’t even have any “normal” black Turkish çay in the house, nor did we have any sugar. Horrors! A quick trip to the market solved that problem.
IMG_3628 (Large)

Afterward we all settled in for a lazy afternoon movie, with lots more çay and a pile of sunflower seeds.

IMG_3643 (Large)

A fun, delicious, and relaxing day. Teşekkür ederiz!


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  1. Don said, on February 9, 2015 at 11:22 am

    You’re writing down all recipes for these terrific looking meals, RIGHT!?!?

  2. Dave said, on February 12, 2015 at 12:29 am

    Of course! Sort of…

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