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Posted in Turkey by Dave on January 31, 2015

Just behind the workshop at the museum is an outdoor set for a Turkish TV show, apparently an Ottoman-era soap opera of some sort. Along with a gigantic green screen, many props, and some fake buildings, there is a small menagerie consisting of a couple goats, a couple horses, and a donkey that like to eat leeks.IMG_3322 (Large)

IMG_3318 (Large)

IMG_3534 (Large)

Continuing the animal theme, little plaster ones seem to be a fairly popular decorative touch.

IMG_1337 (Large) IMG_3573 (Large)

And this handsome fella (a pup) has been showing up in the mornings sometimes at the apartment, tagging along with George and Jarvis. We call him JP (for Junior Parv).

IMG_1378 (Large)

And now food. A favorite lunch lately, since the weather has been more like summer than winter, is balik ekmek (fish sandwich), served on the water right nearby. As with so much Turkish food, it is rustically simple: grilled fish, lettuce, and onion on bread. Add lemon juice and salt to taste.

IMG_1379 (Large) IMG_1374 (Large)

Speaking of food, we went back to Istanbul again last weekend to see Topkapı Palace (the last major tourist stop on my list) and afterward went to Kadıköy, on the Anatolian side, to wander about a little and to go to a restaurant we had heard about from a New Yorker article. Oh my, but it was delicious.

IMG_3515 (Large)

Here’s a fig and milk puddingIMG_3520 (Large)

Künefe, my latest favorite dessert, it’s a baked cheese-filled pastry soaked in syrup: IMG_3519 (Large)

Tiny Dave enjoyed the meal too.IMG_3516 (Large)

Here are a couple shots from the palace, though as usual it’s impossible to convey the totality of the place (and photography is not allowed in a lot of it)

IMG_3482 (Large) IMG_3487 (Large) IMG_3498 (Large) IMG_3496 (Large) IMG_3490 (Large) IMG_3486 (Large)

On another topic entirely, here’s a tool I wish we could get in the states. It’s a chop saw, with a little table saw on top. Perfect for the small home shop! (Wickedly dangerous, sure, but so useful!)IMG_1350 (Large)

Look at this lovely shovel in the shop, just sitting in the corner. How come shovels in the US don’t have little stars punched out of the blade? It makes it so much classier, doesn’t it?

IMG_3381 (Large)

Is this a simple misspelling, or a statement about people who love their machines too much? You decide.

IMG_1338 (Large)

OK, now the barely held-together themes are unraveling completely, and I’m going Full Random…

This gentleman slept right through his ferry ride across the BosphorusIMG_3478 (Large)

Here’s a graveyard at the top of one of the Izmit hills. Many of the birth dates are in the Rumi calendar, used in Turkey until 1926 (it’s based on the Julian calendar like ours but starting with the year of Muhammad’s emigration in 622 AD).IMG_3564 (Large)

Here’s Tiny Dave enjoying the sun outside the workshopIMG_3561 (Large)

And taking a ride in Billy’s earIMG_3443 (Large)

Another shot from a dusty, abandoned part of the factoryIMG_3380 (Large)

And finally, let me leave you with this: outside of eczanes (pharmacies) and other medical shops, there is often a mannequin sporting every type of brace and bandage available inside. The effect, to my Western eyes, is decidedly creepy.IMG_3449 (Large)


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  1. JP said, on February 15, 2015 at 8:28 am


  2. Tom said, on February 21, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    Fan-something-tastic! Great stuff, by gob you’re saving me a trip! And yes, love the tools and the food, the architecture, the abandon stuff, the animals…. all the places tiny dave takes usl!

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