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Posted in Turkey by Dave on January 11, 2015

Today, Sunday, was gorgeous, sunny and warm, so I went out walking around Izmit with Kua on a bit of a photo safari. Izmit, where we are living and working, isn’t in any of the tourist books: it’s just a working city of about 350,000 people, a port and factory town on the far eastern edge of the Sea of Marmara:


As I mentioned earlier, Izmit is a city of hills, descending to the water. Here’s a panorama from up high on one of the hills:

IzmitPano (Large)

Most everyone lives in apartments or condos, including us. Here’s our home-away-from-home. (We’re on the top floor in the building on the left, #11, if you’re here looking for me.)

IMG_3389 (Large)

And here are a bunch of pictures from today’s excursion:

IMG_3390 (Large)

Some nice tile work on a mosque:IMG_3393 (Large) IMG_3395 (Large) IMG_3398 (Large) IMG_3401 (Large)

Here’s a nice fixer-upper, should I decide to live here permanently:IMG_3403 (Large)

Happy dog on a roof in the sun:IMG_3405 (Large) IMG_3417 (Large) IMG_3424 (Large)

There are steep staircases crisscrossing all the hills…Izmitians probably have excellent cardiovascular health, overall:IMG_3426 (Large)

“Seviyorum” means “I like it.” I’m not sure what this person likes…IMG_3427 (Large) IMG_3428 (Large)

One of the very few dwellings I saw that looks like an actual house:IMG_3430 (Large)

A very typical street:IMG_3432 (Large)

And finally, on the bus home with tired feet.IMG_3437 (Large)


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