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Posted in Turkey by Dave on January 8, 2015

This morning I went on a little photo safari with Schuyler to the old abandoned factory behind the museum. It’s a stark contrast between the spiffy new building that houses the Bilim Merkezi (Science Center) and the “other” part of the old paper factory just behind it, separated only by a sort of alley about 25 feet wide.IMG_3365 (Large)

I’ll mostly let the pictures give you the story…IMG_3317 (Large)IMG_3316 (Large)IMG_3321 (Large)IMG_3328 (Large)IMG_3329 (Large)IMG_3333 (Large)IMG_3325 (Large)IMG_3341 (Large)IMG_3319 (Large)IMG_3348 (Large)IMG_3355 (Large)IMG_3351 (Large)IMG_3357 (Large)IMG_3358 (Large)IMG_3364 (Large)IMG_3323 (Large)IMG_3359 (Large)IMG_3344 (Large)IMG_3327 (Large)IMG_3331 (Large)IMG_3356 (Large)

The views from the upper windows were great: Izmit is a little like San Francisco or Seattle, hills covered with houses (and in this case, mosques) going down to the water: IMG_3334 (Large) IMG_3335 (Large)IMG_3345 (Large) IMG_3350 (Large)

A fine way to spend the morning while the bitterly cold office heats up.IMG_3361 (Large)


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