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The Food Issue

Posted in Turkey by Dave on December 8, 2014

Food, glorious food…IMG_3195IMG_3196










Some of those are repeats, I know, but I couldn’t help myself.


Settle down, now

Posted in Turkey by Dave on December 4, 2014

We’re moved into an apartment now, about a 15 minute drive from work, but an easy walk to groceries, restaurants, etc. The apartment is over-decorated and under-functional: frilly curtains, dangling baubles, too many mirrors, 2 (count ’em, TWO) vases full of peacock feathers. All the furniture is plasticky laminated particle board or something, not a piece of solid wood in sight, And at least 2 of the doors can’t open all the way because some piece of not-very-useful furniture is crammed just behind it.


And here are some of the decorative accents in my room:


This spray might help me out:IMG_1199

That said, we have a decent kitchen and a fridge full of groceries, a washing machine, a spacious living room, fast-enough internet, and enough rooms that we don’t have to be on top of each other constantly. Livable. And bonus: there are 2 dogs that hang around the place, George and Jarvis. George is very friendly. Jarvis is shy, but I’ll win her over eventually. Here they are:


This is George:


There are lots of street dogs around, here’s one that loiters near the museum often:


The Turks love their sweets, and being a guy with a lifelong sweet tooth, I’m not arguing. Check out the selection of creme-filled cookies at a local grocery, and this is just the creamy ones, this aisle goes on and on.


Aside from the baclava that we all know and love, there is a bewildering variety of syrup-soaked, nut-filled delights, both hot and cold, and of course Turkish Delight (Lokum), there are whole stores that sell nothing but. And I’m just barely starting to scratch the surface. Pişmaniye (a sort of stranded, cotton-candyish thing made from sugar and wheat) is a local specialty I have yet to try. It’s made like this.

In other food news…it’s great! At the risk of being one of those guys that posts photos of food all the time, here’s part of lunch the other day:


These are little anchovy or sardine-like fish from the Black Sea nearby, fried in cornmeal, and absolutely delicious. And here’s a magazine we found that obviously reflects the Turkish desire for excellent, fresh fish and meat:


Last weekend we took a drive up to the nearby mountains, just to get out and about and take a hike. We parked in a tiny town next to the mosque, and walked around for an hour or two, getting out in it a little.

IMG_3171 IMG_3176


Patience, as always, is a virtue:IMG_3182

At work, we’re chipping along rapidly on refurbishing the exhibits, converting them all to 220V operation, refinishing a lot of the wood, and etc.


The machine shop is coming together: There are lights now, and power, and the mill and lathe are in position and getting hooked up.


Here’s the future tea garden out back, all we need is a little table and some chairs. Or not.


And no Turkish machine shop would be complete without chickens.


More as it happens! (Or perhaps shortly thereafter).